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Jason Schutt, 13 things

2017-10-07 • 13 Things

1. I love learning new things.

When I find something new that interests me I try to become an expert in that topic. Nothing satisfies me more than when you tell me about something have never heard about and the next day I come back to school you on your own topic. I've always been great with research. I have the mind of a pissed off elephant. I rarely forget something the Trivial value. Unfortunately, this skill does not transpired into a great fortune.

2. I enjoy learning.

I wish that I had this hunger when I was younger. Public school did nothing to get me excited about learning. It wasn't until later in life that the History Channel was on my cable package. I got into WWII documentaries. This lead me to research the Nazi scientists tha were recruited by the U.S. to create our space and Nuclear weapons programs. The information I learned about "Operation Paperclip" changed my thought process. I now wanted to learn more about what things our government was up to. An no that is not about the guy that traded a red paper clip for a house via multiple trades.

3. I love to know more than you.

This comment makes me sound like a prick. But in reality, I enjoy explaining things to people. I love to teach and share my encyclopedic mind of useless bullshit to anybody willing to listen.

4. I am a less than famous know it all.

There are some people that are intimidated by me. I don't hold punches. If I don't like you, I have no problem telling you when you are wrong. I have heard this quote multiple times "Well, Jason just knows everything!" This quote is factually incorrect. Weird Huh. However, by the end of this blog I will know everything.

5. I love to learn more general trivia.

Send me general trivia tweets. I follow multiple profiles that post did you know facts all day long.

6. I love points of view that are off the main stream.

"Well actually..." isn't the best conversation starter to gain friends. I take the Adam Conover approach to destroying common conventions. Just because everybody believes it does not make it fact. I want you to look things up before you post stupid shit on Facebook and make me prove you wrong in front of your kids. The one thing I will try to get people to do with this blog is to create a dialog to find the correct answers. I think I was wrong once. Who knows I could be wrong about that?

7. I love the discussions that conspiracies create.

The one thing that conspiracies does is create discussion. People always have an opinion on a conspiracy. "Magic Bullet theory" to "Stanley Kubrick directed the moon landings" always gets normal people to give their two cents. I love these discussions because they are mostly argued with rational thoughts and tones. People usually agree to disagree and you go about your day. Conspiracies are not like political or gun rights debates that end up with people pissed off afterwards.

8. I love poking the sleeping bear.

I love to cite real provable facts to make my arguments, even when I wasn't in the discussion. One of my favorites is political debates. I hate both Republicans and Democrats. They serve evil corporate overlords and not the America taxpayer. Now that you know this, I love making fun of both sides.

9. I love the underdog.

Meatballs has taught me everything I need to know about how life works in reality. The misfit with heart always wins in the end.

10. I love point out stupid things.

From time to time, I like to express my opinion about things I see in the world. These will come in multiple forms on this blog. I will post images and videos of things that are stupid. Get ready for commentary on commercials.

11. I love gadgets.

I will give reviews of items that I buy. Especially, kitchen gadgets. I love cooking. My weight fluctuates about as bad as Oprah's. However, my weight usually has an uptick around the time I buy a new kitchen gadget.

12. I love movies.

I reference movies. I quote movies. I even tried to make one. Post production is a bitch.

13. I love to laugh.

Take everything written here with a grain of salt. I love to tell jokes. If you take offense to something I put on here, please remember you are having an opinion of my opinion. We both have the right to express opinions. So please put your opinion in the comments below.


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